The amalgamation of a bunch of perzines I wrote between 2017 - 2018 while I was struggling with a lot of mental health issues, my life comepletely falling apart, and an extreme lack of support for what I was experiencing. Every time I attempted to start a new perzine under a different title I ended up writing about the same thing in the same format, so I decided too group them all under the one name. I chose Haemoglobin because Bloodletting seemed a little too on-the-nose.

Contains blanket trigger warnings for suicidal ideation, discussion of trauma, neglectful mental health services, and housing instability, although the last two issues are MUCH shorter and more pleasent. By then I'd given up trying to feel any catharsis through writing and attempted to write short, weekly missives instead.


This one is a simple one-page zine that had only 2 rules: use only 1 pen, and write whatever comes into my head till I fill up the pages. I ended up making these whenever I was procrastinating or felt writer's block, so they're full of random doodles and quotes. I love them.