pink sushi (2015-2016)

This was my first serious venture into html and css, as well as my first serious photoshop project. I took a lot of inspiration from old goth sites of the early 2000s that I found through the Wayback Machine, and followed a very strict colour pallet. I was super deep in my hard femme kawaii phase here, and started experimenting with digital collage, glitch art, and pixel art all around this time. I had some kind of vague plan to make pixel sushi icons for the nav menu, but I never got around to it.

pink sushi (v1)

flowerfuck v1 (2016-20??)

Punk rock riot grrrl phase! Heaps of inspo ripped from, my holy grail of inspo sites. I adored how obnoxious the colours were, but I didn't really have any ideas for content, so having so many neatly arranged links seemed kind of pointless after a while.

puke green

flowerfuck v2 (20??-2019)

At some point I got completely overwhelmed with whatever the fuck I was trying to do, so I rebooted my entire site and built it back up entirely from scratch. This was the result. I was very proud of it, but the intricacy of the css made it feel too intimidating to add any actual content. It was a fun experiement and I definitely learned a lot from it, but it's not what I want for my main site.


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